Anonymous: How would you react to someone who said something rude to your face, about your physical appearance? Like they thought you weren't attractive enough? Would you retort back? Get upset? Get bitter later?

I want to make something perfectly clear: who and what you and I are, never makes decisions, never reacts and never moves.

As far as the person I appear to be, well, I’m pretty calm and objective. Lately I’ve been laughing at everything.

What do I care about what they think? What is attractiveness? An idea of beauty to people. A certain way a person smiles maybe could be seen as attractive. I was not responsible for my genetic makeup, why should I feel any kind of way about how another person feels about my personal appearance? If you go even deeper, the person who has said these things to me doesn’t even understand how they’ve been conditioned to perceive beauty/attractiveness. Should I be offended by a hypnotized person who attacks characteristics that I have no control of?

How about this: Even when someone supposedly was mean to you, there is no room for apology. Nobody was mean to you. Somebody was mean to what he or she thought was you, but not to you. Nobody ever rejects you; they’re only rejecting what they think you are. But that cuts both ways. Nobody ever accepts you either. Until people come awake, they are simply accepting or rejecting their image of you. They’ve fashioned an image of you, and they’re rejecting or accepting that. ~ Anthony De Mello

If I go even further.. I cannot predict how I will act in certain moments, I flow with life. Life is not purely positive or negative, how I react, whether in a positive way or negative way, is life. I will not worry about reactions. Relatively I will try to remain objective and open and positive but humans aren’t infallible are they?

"There was nothing about the Master that any but the keenest eye would see as out of the ordinary. He could be frightened and depressed when circumstances warranted. He could laugh and cry and be bitter and fly into a rage. He loved a goodly meal, was not averse to a drink or two, and was even know to turn his head at the sight of a comely woman. When a traveller complained that the Master was not a ‘holy man’, a person said: It is one thing that a man be holy. It is quite another that he should seem holy to you.”


Anonymous: Do you adhere to any particular religion?

No I do not.. I like avaita, Tao, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Asian and Indian religions but I don’t think I can ever claim to “BE”, for example, a Christian..

I like my freedom..

Just be quiet. This quiet does not involve talking or not talking. It does not involve any doing whatsoever. Just let the mind fall into silence. This is enough.

— Papaji (via ashramof1)